Red Angus Cattle

We raise both registered and commercial cattle.  We sell them private treaty and participate in an annual production sale with a co-op called the Short Grass Group.

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Breeders of American Quarter Horses and American Paint Horses since 1981.  We showed horses as youths starting in 4-H.  We strive to raisea  versatile horse that can compete from roping, reining, cutting, working cow-horse and performance halter.

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Since 1981

Quality Over Quantity

We study genetics and believe in a moderate size cow and low birth weight bulls.  We concentrate yearling weight and carcass EPD's while keeping the Red Angus Herd Builder score very high.

Our cattle are infused with the best we could find in the Red Angus industry and AI all of our cattle to top bulls in the country.  We have a competitive advantage because we flush our best cows with sexed semen to increase our EPDs on the female side quickly.

Our cattle are known for the ease of handling, moderate sized females that produce fast growing calves.

We offer females, bulls, embryos, sexed semen from our top cattle.  Each year we participate in a c0-op sale for North Texas and Southwest Oklahoma Red Angus breeders.

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Our horses are versatile...

We have raised horses for many disciplines over the years and have learned about all the good things about each one.  Trace Cribbs has been the manager of W. T. Waggoner Estate Equine Division for over 20 years.  He has raised horses ranging from a World Champion Halter, World Champion AQHA Versatility, World Champion Sorting and World Champion Working Cow-Horse.  We breed horses that around 15 hands with good structure,  short backs, keen head and necks, pretty movement and trainable.

We sell private treaty plus participate in sales in Texas and Oklahoma.

We have received 10 year breeder award from the AQHA.